What Is a Cannabis Dispensary?

by | Dec 21, 2021

Employee and Bud Bar Inside Cannabis Dispensary

Simply CBD has three licensed cannabis dispensaries across the greater New Orleans area.

Thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, cannabis products are now legal federally and in many states, including Louisiana. This means that you can buy cannabis products from a reputable dispensary. But what exactly is a cannabis dispensary, and is it different from a medical marijuana dispensary?

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Versus Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A cannabis dispensary is a place where you can get hemp-derived cannabis products and accessories for recreational use. You don’t need a medical marijuana card to shop at these types of dispensaries, but you do need an ID showing that you’re of age. In Louisiana, this means 18 and over for most hemp products (21+ for those containing THC).

A medical dispensary, on the other hand, allows those with a medical marijuana prescription to buy marijuana products legally, for medical use only. Marijuana is still federally illegal, but some states, including Louisiana, have medical marijuana programs that open these products to those suffering from specific medical conditions.

In order to get a medical marijuana prescription, you need to be 18 or older and have a medical condition that warrants medical marijuana purchase. In Louisiana, this determination is at the physician’s discretion.

While medical dispensaries are burdened by many restrictions, shopping at a recreational cannabis dispensary is much easier (just show your valid ID!). Recreational cannabis dispensaries, since they can offer products that are derived from hemp, tend to also have more product variety, too, whereas medical dispensaries are allowed to sell only certain products.

What is the current law surrounding cannabis in Louisiana?

As of 2018, Louisiana is allowed to have both medical marijuana dispensaries (also referred to as pharmacies) and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Gov. Edwards then signed two bills, expanding the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and allowing LSU and Southern University to conduct research on the medicinal value of marijuana.

As late as last year, the state has passed three new laws, protecting banks and physicians, as well as hospitals from state marijuana-related prosecution. The third law expanded the list of qualifying conditions further.

As of now, medical marijuana is only available to qualified Louisiana patients at state-approved dispensaries. Hemp-derived cannabis products are available for recreational use to anyone age 18 and older, as long as they’re derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. For Delta 8 products, however, the age requirement is 21. Learn more about Delta 8 THC here.

You do not have to prove a qualifying medical condition or have a medical card to shop any of our products. We are also strictly enforcing the rule of selling products to adults who are 18+ years old, to ensure compliance.

What You’ll Love About Our New Orleans Cannabis Dispensaries

Simply CBD’s cannabis dispensaries offer the best selection of hemp-derived cannabinoid products in New Orleans including CBD, CBN, CBG, and Delta-8 in an array of forms and potencies to meet the needs of beginners and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

Lab-Tested Cannabinoid Products. All products at Simply CBD cannabis dispensaries are lab tested for quality, purity, and potency.

Organic Bud Bar. Our organic bud bar features 10+ strains of cannabinoid-rich hemp flower, each full-panel lab-tested for quality and potency and fully compliant with local laws.

Biggest Selection in New Orleans. Enjoy our selection of THC-free and full-spectrum cannabis products from brands like Crescent Canna, Chime CBD, Cypress Hemp, Medterra, CBDmd, and Hometown Hero. Products include oils, topicals, edibles, flower, isolate, moon rocks, self-care products, pet products, and so much more.

Convenient Locations. With cannabis dispensaries in Mid-City, the Marigny, and Uptown, we have three convenient locations to find your favorite cannabinoid products.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff. We consider it our mission to educate the New Orleans community about the wellness benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Our friendly staff can answer all of your questions and help you select a cannabinoid product that matches your needs.

For more information about cannabis and our cannabis products, stop by any of the Simply CBD shops across New Orleans, or contact us to learn more.